Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Import SKP into Revit - units again!

When importing/linking Google Sketchup files into Revit the units can be a problem. Especially when you are working in mm in Revit...

Let's see...

The steps:
- Open Revit
- Create a Mass
- Within the Mass go to File\Import/Link\CAD Formats
- Use for Import units: Auto-detect
- Select SKP for the file type and search your Google Sketchup file
- Finish Mass

You will notice that the linked Sketchup object is too small! Although you have set the units in Google Sketchup to mm. Strange isn't it?!

- Select the Mass
- Hit the Edit button in the Option bar
- Select the Imported Sketchup object
- Go to the Element properties and you will see this.
The import units is set to inch and the scale factor to 1.000

- Change the scale factor to 1000. Do NOT change the units

That's all!

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