Monday, March 2, 2009

?Not able to change parameters when in Family Editor

This happenend to us when changing parameters in the Family Types dialogue.

  • not able to change a Revit parameter from Type to Instance (or otherwise)
  • not able to change a value of a Revit parameter eg width = 600 to width = 400


We changed the "UniformatClassifications.txt" to our own classification.
We developed our own Revit library and added directly the Assembly code in it for all objects.

Problem occurs when

  • Re-install of Revit and forgot to change the "UniformatClassifications.txt" file, OR
  • Use of other Revit objects referencing the wrong assembly code, OR
  • Use of another Revit project specific "UniformatClassifications.txt" file


Select the Assembly Code in the Family Types dialogue and
- delete the value
- change the value by pressing on the ... button to a good Assembly code

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